Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ten Little Fish by Audrey Wood

I have kind of a funny story about how I acquired this particular book. I had gone to our local community storehouse (a thrift store, but not my FAVORITE thrift store that I always talk about) to look for some books to use for Random Acts of Reading. This one caught my eye because I was familiar with it and knew I could find a cute activity to pair with it. Then I realized that it WAS one of my books, one that I had apparently donated to the storehouse in my big spring-cleaning attempt last March. The way I knew it was my book is because it had a blue sticker on the spine. A couple of summers ago I color-coded pretty much every childrens' book in my house to try to organize better. And sure enough, I paid 25 cents for a book I had donated to the storehouse for free. Isn't that a funny coincidence? (If you are interested you can read all about my book organization project here. My books are still to this day pretty well-organized with this system.)

Below is a description of the book pack I developed for my reclaimed book. :-)

This is a fun little rhyming story that all children will love. The perfect activity for a fish counting book is fish counting cards. I found the perfect ones at Making Learning Fun. One thing I particularly like about these cards is that instead of counting the total number of fish you have to count the number of a certain color of fish. This is a good variation from some of the other counting cards I've put into book packs. I printed these off and included some tiny little clothespins from my scrapbook stash. The clothespins will be used to mark the correct number.

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