Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

I have decided to post book packs and book drops separately. I am never sure how often I'm going to make a book drop and that way I can share with you the books I'm preparing before I actually drop them. A few readers have asked if I will include links to download the activities for each book. And the answer is......YES! All my posts about book packs will have links embedded within them that should take you right to the place on the internet where you can download and print the activity for yourself. My previous two posts about book packs included those links. They are highlighted in a different color. Just click on the highlighted text and you will be redirected to the link. Let me know right away if you have problems with any of the links and I'll try to correct it. Also embedded in the text are links to Amazon in case you would like purchasing information about the book.

This book, published in 1947, has provided warm childhood memories for generations of readers. I have great memories of reading the board book version to my youngest son when he was a baby. For an activity to go with this book I printed off these Goodnight Moon cards from Homeschoolshare. The activity from Homeschoolshare is intended to be a sorting activity where the child would sort the pictures of things from the book and pictures of things that aren't in the book. What I did is take out the pictures that aren't in the book and I just included the pictures FROM the book in the baggie. I also cut a moon (2 identical pieces) out of yellow cardstock and stapled it together leaving the curved side open. On the baggie label I suggested that parents have their child place the pictures into the moon, telling them "Goodnight", in the same sequence as they are presented in the story. Below you can see the moon and bag of pictures.


  1. Love this book! I could probably read it in my sleep. Ethan reads it to Dylan now. . .