Monday, January 4, 2010

Drop #2: The Hat by Jan Brett

Today after I was done teaching preschool my little boy and I went to the grocery store in our town. On the way out I dropped off a book pack on the bench in front. The bench is protected by an overhang so hopefully it will be protected until it is found. I was rethinking the whole "drop" idea and truly I do think it's probably better to drop the books outside. I was wondering if my other book pack had been found at the discount store and thought about going there to check. Then I thought if I went there I might move it to a more prominent spot. But then I was thinking how weird it would feel to pick it up and move it even though I'm the one that left it there. And that made me think that people who see it, especially in a store, might feel the same way. Even though it's not an item of merchandise, it would feel a little like shop-lifting. So.........I dropped the pack on a bench and scurried to my van. I took the photo out the window of my van. There are lots of people going in and out of the grocery store all day so I didn't want to plunk down the pack then stand there and take a photo of it. You can barely see the pack in the photo. It is lying flat on top of the bench. When I was coming out of the store one of my preschool students and his mom were going in. I thought it would be so cool if he is the one who finds it on the way out. So I'll let you know if that's what happens. His mom would probably get online to check out the website on the label and then she would figure out who left the book.

I bought a paperback copy of this book at our local county storehouse for 25 cents. It was in great condition.

Jan Brett's books are so fabulous and The Hat is no exception. She is such a gifted illustrator and author and makes so many great resources available on her website. In the bag with the book I included some animal puppets that I printed from Jan Brett's website. Before the book drop I read the story to my boys and they acted it out with the puppets. That's one great benefit of doing this........I'm reading and doing activities with my own two boys even more. I LOVE Jan Brett's books and own most of them. You can find some more activity ideas for this book over at Wondersome Storytime.

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  1. I just got a hard back copy of this book at the thrift store for $1, the kids and I read it for the first time today. We liked it alot and think anyone who got it would too!

    I LOVE this idea and am hoping to join in the fun!