Saturday, January 30, 2010

Drop #4: The Night Before Valentine's Day by Natasha Wing

Hello! I'm still here. Yesterday afternoon (Friday) my oldest son and I did a book drop. When I pick him up from school (which is usually only once a week or so, otherwise my husband picks him up) we sometimes stop at a fabulous cookie shop on the way home. It's been weeks since we went there and luckily I had a book pack in the van. So.............we smuggled the pack into the store in my purse and left it right outside the doors to the bathrooms. The bathrooms are around a corner from where the customers pick out their cookies so we were able to leave it there without anyone seeing us. I snapped a quick photo before my camera battery died. Hopefully someone will love finding this book and doing the fun valentine counting activity. CLICK HERE to read the full post about the book pack for this title.

NOTE: I felt comfortable leaving this book pack inside a store since clearly a cookie shop wouldn't sell anything similar to what is contained in the pack. I am still hoping that one of these days the recipient of a book pack will leave me a comment. I am dying to know whether or not my packs are finding happy homes. But I also love the "no strings attached" model of giving.


  1. I made my first book drop!

    Thanks! ~Nicole/MusicalMama

  2. I gave you the Happy 101 award...You are one of the 10 blogs that make me happy. :)


  3. Are you still doing these Random acts of reading? I haven't heard much anymore...
    It is such a lovely idea!