Monday, January 4, 2010

2,010 in 2010

I have been really excited about the great response this idea has generated so far........and it's only been online for 4 days! That got me thinking about how more people could become involved since many of you have indicated that you'd like to join the project. So...........I've decided to put forth a challenge. Could we (collectively) gift 2,010 books into the world in 2010?? I think we can!! I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew by launching this challenge since that means I will be coordinating it. Here is how I think it can be accomplished and I'd love your feedback.

First, I completely acknowledge that any and all readers of this blog can decide to go forth and drop off book packs on their own. AND...........I completely support this. I think it's wonderful. And if you choose to do that and not have any direct involvement over here, that's great!!

Second, if you would like to be involved in a total book drop count through this blog, please email me at the link on the sidebar. Let me know how many book drops you've done and I'll keep a running tally. They don't have to be titles that I've highlighted on the blog. If I have highlighted it on the blog, I'll keep track of the total number of books donated by title by putting that number in parentheses next to the book title. Make sense?

Third, if you are participating in the challenge via this blog I would really appreciate having you download and print the labels I've designed and attach those to your book packs. That way people who discover the packs can view the site and see that they are part of a bigger project. Of course you may also include any other information in your book pack that you choose to add. On the sidebar I've added a place where you can download the labels via my Typepad blog since I haven't figured out an easy way to do that through Blogger.

Finally...........thanks so much for your support and interest. It will be fun to see where this leads!


  1. I love this project. I gave you an award.

  2. Excellent! I love the idea of a challenge. I'm still thinking about where I can find good used (cheap!) copies of some lovely books, and getting on board with the labels etc. But keep posting, I hope to join you in dropping books soon!

  3. You might have already thought of this but another place you might consider dropping these packs at would be in the waiting area of a doctor or dentist office. I think this is a great thing you are doing. I love your ideas. I just switched from teaching 2s to teaching 4s and I confess I have used several of your ideas in my classroom. Every activitiy gets a great response. Thank you Kathy

  4. Laura, any chance you'd be willing to post links so we can dl the activities you've made for the books? I just shared your blog on mine I'm also sending out a link on my Montessori groups.

    Are there any more jewels to share in your treasure box of ideas?!

  5. I gave you a Sunshine Award on my blog to thank you for the wonderful inspiration of book drops!

  6. I am a big fan of your other blog so for all the great montessori ideas you've given me my family is preparing to drop 2 copies of goodnight moon
    tammy at